Version Control

RapidHarness has an integrated Version Control System that allows you to create, edit, track, and share a complete history of all of your drawings with your team.

Version Control States

In RapidHarness, a design can be in one of two states:

  • Editable Copy - user can make and save changes
  • Versioned Copy - design is immutable, shared, and part of design history

The diagram below gives an overview of these states. In the diagram, the blue boxes represent each state, and the green arrows show actions to move between states.

Version Control Actions

Creating a Design

When you create and save a new design, it will automatically be added to RapidHarness' Version Control System. At this point, you can continue to edit and save your design, but it will not be shared with or accessible to the rest of your RapidHarness Company.

Although your design is not shared with the rest of your company - you will be able to reference and use this design in other designs (such as a connector design within a harness design).

Versioning a Design

To share a design with the rest of your company, you need to press 'Create Version' in the ribbon. Doing so will prompt you to enter a name for this version of the design. The name can be anything you choose, however it is recommended to use a descriptive name like 'Initial Version', or 'Updated Device ICD' so that it is easier to distinguish as the list of versions grows.

Once you specify a name and click 'Create Version', this version of the design will be immutable and part of the design history. At this point, the design version can no longer be edited, and will be shown as a read-only version.

Versioning Multiple Designs

You also use the Version Multiple dialog to version more than one design at a time- this can be really useful if working on a lot of designs or with a larger team. To launch this tool, you can click the arrow next to 'Create Version' and select 'Version multiple designs...'

From here, simply select your designs, give them a version name, and click 'Version Selected'!

Editing a Versioned Design

When you want to make further edits to a Versioned Design, you can click 'Edit' in the ribbon, which will create a new Editable Copy of the design. All previously Versioned Designs will remain unchanged in your version control history.

Once you create an Editable Copy, you will be able to make and save changes to your design. When you are ready, you can Version your design again to share it with your team and add it to history. You can make as many versions to a design as you like.

Viewing Design History

All versions of design can be seen by selecting the design in the Open window, and viewing the Version History Table in the far right. The table lists the names of all Design Versions, as well as the date, author, and whether anyone is currently working on the Editable Copy of the design.

Deleting A Design Version

You can delete a specific Design Version from the Design's history.

To begin, go to the Open Window Open Window (File -> Open) or Design History. From here, select the design you wish to delete, select the specific Version from the Version History on the far right, then click on the dropdown arrow next to the Open Button and select 'Delete Version...'

Deleting an Entire Design

You can delete an entire Design from the your Design Library. Note - this will remove all history and copies of a design for everyone in your RapidHarness Company.

To begin, go to the Open Window Open Window (File -> Open) or Design History. From here, select the design you wish to delete, then click on the dropdown arrow next to the Open Button and select 'Delete Design...'

Further Questions?

We're happy to help with any questions you may have! You can always search our documentation, or Contact Us if you need further help.