Version History

Below is a brief version history detailing the larger software updates to RapidHarness.

Date Description
12/9/22 New UI control library, visual overhaul
New drag/drop behavior for reodering columns/rows/etc
Updated document tab tearing, docking and Atl+Tab behavior
UI performance enhancements
9/19/22 Added Configurations to Designs, to assign related parts to your components
Added Default configurations to automitically apply a configuration when added to a harness
Added ablity to synchronize your Label text to match the nearest endpoint
Switched PDF toolsets for faster performance
3/29/22 Added new Library interface for organizing and managing your designs
Allow users to create Folders in Library
Added Breadcrumbs for folder navigation
Updated search algorithms to provide instantaneous results on designs in your Library
Added Actions Toolbar to easily preform most common actions in your Library
Added the ability to multiselect items in your Library
Added a Recycle Bin that will allow you to restore deleted items for up to 30 days
Automatically adding new Parts to your Home > Parts folder
Provided solution for Windows machines configured with FIPS mode
9/22/21 Added default settings for Harnesses, Systems, and Devices
Enhanced Notes Table to provide configurable shapes and colors
Added Revision Text Replacements to Drawing Templates
Various UI Enhancements
5/29/21 Added Internal Part Numbers to all designs
Added table column customizations (include/exclude and re-order columnms)
Added Table Template configurations for Aggregate Bom Table, Bom Table, Cutlist Table, Electrical Interface Table, Label Table, Nets Table, and Wiring Table
Connector and Custom Part image enhancements
Bundle merging algorithm improvements
Various UI Enhancements
1/22/21 New Connector look in Harnesses, Devices, and Systems
Add multiple images for all your Connectors
Reference Designators auto align in all schematics
Performance updates for systems with > 100 nets
6/16/20 'Switch Terminal Type' functions added to Harnesses
'Remap Connector Connections' dialog added when changing Connectors in a Harness
Create New Part added directly into Part Search Dialog
Device Top Level drawings updated to have Bill of Materials, Notes Table, Revision Table, Text Boxes, and Images
Devices Production Data added to export BOM and Electrical Interface to Microsoft Excel
Devices can now be printed and saved to PDF
System Aggregate BOM can now display Devices as one line-item per device, or as the Device's constituent parts
Various UI Enhancements
4/6/20 Preview Images Added to Open Screen and Select Design dialog
'Where-Used' search added to Open Screen
Various UI Enhancements
11/22/19 BOM Include/Exclude option added to each item
BOM manual id numbering now supported
BOM sorting functions added, including automatic renumbering
Links and Datasheets added to Core Designs, with data accessible within harnesses
Support for Multiple Backshells, Boots, Locks, and Heat Shrinks
Manufacturer information added to results in Search and Open screen
Octopart Autosave functionality added to design library
System highlighting improved to show relevant splices/resistors/diodes
09/10/19 Part Library Octopart Integration - search Octopart's database of 40 million parts
Search 'My Designs' added to Open screen
Design Assembly now shows Design Deletion Notifications
Design Assembly now shows Recursive Children Notifications
Select design dialog - performance improvements
Various UI Enhancements
06/06/19 Version History added to Version Design Dialog
"Locate in Top Level" function added to Design Assembly
Middle Click Pan Support Added to Top Level drawings
"To PN" and "From PN" columns added to Harness Connection Export in Production Data
Added "Manufacturer" property to Harness and System Designs
Added $MANUFACTURER$ as Text Replacement in Drawing Template and Table Templates
Updated Harness Connection Sorting to show "Housing" and "N/C" connection endpoints after alphanumeric cavities
Added Gauge property to Cable Drain Wires
Enable Cable Shield to be used as a Conductor in Harness Connections
Added SAE wire gauge unit to Cable and Wire sizes
02/20/19 Ferrules, Loose Wire Ends, Quick Connect Terminals, Ring Terminals, and Spade Terminals Added to Devices
Terminal Points Added to Devices
Pigtail Connectors Added to Devices
Drawing Templates Added to Devices
Matings between terminals and Device Terminal Endpoints supported
Bill of Materials, Aggregate BOM, and Nets Added to Systems
Nets List Augmented to show all intermediate Connections and Endpoints
Harness Reference Designators Added to Systems
Subsystem Color Added to Systems
System Highlighting Updated to more clearly show Nets
PDF Settings Added to Systems
Harnesses Support Highlighting individual Connections by default, and as Net via the right-click menu
Various UI Enhancements
08/24/18 BOM Usage Added to BOM and Production Data
Cable Twisting Information Added to Wiring Table and Connection Tables
Individually Overridable Cable Lengths Added to 'Edit Lengths' Dialog
System Notes Table and System Revision Table Added
Add Multiple Designs Enhancements - Add Multiple Parts without Closing Dialog
04/23/18 Resistors Added to Harnesses
Diodes Added to Harnesses
Connection Table Enhancements - Merging/Splitting multiple tables
Exporting System Aggregate BOM (Production Data)
Exporting System Nets (Production Data)
02/01/18 Native Save to PDF
PDF Configuration Settings
Cutlist Table Added to Harness PDF Output
Label Table Added to Harness PDF Output
01/11/18 New (Reusable) Custom Part Design Type Added
Bill of Materials (BOM) Page added as Printable Output to Harnesses
Bill of Materials (BOM) Customization Added
Table Templates Update (renamed from Wiring Table Template)
Table Template and Drawing Template Text Replacements Added
09/28/17 Transition Boots Added as New Design Types
Notes Table Added to Harness Designs (with Flags / Leader Lines)
Revision Table Added to Harness Designs
Various UI Enhancements
08/24/17 Editable Wire and Cable Lengths (Edit Lengths Dialog)
Export Production Data (one Excel Document per Harness / System)
Export Label Data to Excel
Harness BOM Support Now Re-orderable
System BOM Generation
08/03/17 Label Design Type Added to Harnesses
Text Rotation for Reference Designators and other Components
Multi-Version Dialog Added
Copy/Paste Support Added
Delete Key Support Added
06/19/17 Formboards (To Scale Drawings) added
Wire Seal Design Type Added
New Manage Contacts and Seals Dialog
Internal Performance Improvements
05/24/17 Text Rotation / Positioning Support
Terminal Rotation Added
BOM Table Description Column Added
Connection Reverse From/To Added
Device Color Added to Device and System Layers
Harness Bundle Color Added to System Layers
04/06/17 Covering Design Type Added (Tubing, Sleeving, Spiral Wrapping, Taping)
Harness Bundle Merging Enhancements (Automatic Re-routing)
New Harness Bundle Styling
Automatic Updater Improvements
02/07/17 Add Connection Enhancements - Add Terminals when creating Connections
Wire Cutlist Enhancements - Gauge and Color Added
Double Click to Edit Reference Designators Added
Double Click to Edit Lengths Added
Various UI Enhancements
12/1/16 Top Level Connection Tables Added
Connection Tables Properties Added
Top Level Bill of Materials (BOM) Added
11/07/16 Cable Wire Labels Added
Automatic Connection Advancement
Enhanced Context Menus Added
Various UI Enhancements
10/25/16 Inline Splices Added (Drag Into Bundles)
Splice Grouping/Ungrouping Added
Various UI Enhancements
09/20/16 Connector Front View Added
Design Assembly Enhancements
09/02/16 Wiring Table Showing Conductor Colors
Printing with Integrated Highlighting Added
Export Connections to Excel
07/04/16 Integrated Version Control Added
Design Search Integration
Backend Performance Updates
04/28/16 Team Library Integration
Team Invitations
User Management (including Admin Privileges)
03/12/16 Ribbon Toolbar Augmented
Design Assembly Enhancements
Visual Overhaul
02/04/16 New Select Design Dialog
New Sorting and Ordering to Support MIL-Spec Standards
11/14/15 Connector 'N/C' Connection Type Added
Connector 'Housing' Connection Type Added
Connector 'Custom Cavity' Connection Type Added
Connector 'Reuse Cavity' Connection Type Added
08/03/15 New Top Level Canvas
New Printing Options and Page Margin Configurations
New Context Menu Support
Enhanced Multiselect Support
05/27/15 Contact Design Type Added
Wiring Table Added
Design Library Description Added
04/30/15 Page Size enhancements added to Systems and Harnesses
Print Preview enhancements
Configurable System Layouts
03/07/15 Routed Waypoints and Layout Points added to Harness designs
Harness Bundle Lengths Added
Automatic Cable and Wire Cutlist Added
12/11/14 Generic Text and Images Supported
RapidHarness Library Added
New Frontend Interface
07/31/14 Device and System Resizing
System Performance Improvements - Loading / Saving / Highlighting
04/22/14 New Harness Connection Interface (Removing Syntax)
Wire Twisting Added
Design Rule Checker Updated
02/03/14 Ferrules, Ring Terminals, Spade Terminals, Quick Connect Terminals Added
New Top Level Drawing Enhancements
11/11/13 Backshell Design Type Added
Contact Design Type Added
Splice Design Type Added
Drawing Templates Added
07/26/13 Wire Design Type Added
Cable Design Type Added - Including Shielding, Twisting, and Drain Wires
Wiring Table Updated
Bill of Materials Updated
05/24/13 Subsystem Block Design
Snap Grid Added to Harness and System Designs
Clone Design Functionality Added
Various UI Enhancements
01/31/13 Connection Syntax Expanded
Device ICD Importing
Harness Export to Microsoft Excel
Various UI Enhancements
10/08/12 RapidHarness Initial Release
Harness, Device, and System Designs
Automatic Top Level Drawing
Automatic Wiring Table
Signal Propagation and Highlighting
Integrated Updater

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