Table Templates

Table Templates are used to define the page setup and default layout for tabular Harness outputs.

All subscription levels of RapidHarness are able to create and save their own template and change logos to their own company design.

Example Table Template

Table Template Properties

  • Name and Description
  • Page Size
  • Page Margins
  • Page Orientation
  • Images (such as company logo)
  • Text (NOT editable in a Harness)
  • Text Fields (editable in a Harness)

Wiring Table Settings

The following settings will be applicable in your Harness Wiring Table output.

  • Include Reversed Connections
    - When selected, will show Forward and Reversed view of Connections (ex: C1.1 - C2.A and C2.A - C1.1) - This can be useful when working using Wiring Table to close out each endpoint one at a time
  • Include 'From' Column (required)
  • Include 'To' Column (required)
  • Include 'Conductor Name' Column (required)
  • Include 'Conductor Part Number' Column
  • Include 'Twist With' Column
  • Include 'Conductor Gauge' Column
  • Include 'Length' Column
  • Include 'From Contact Part Number' Column
  • Include 'To Contact Part Number' Column
  • Include 'From Wire Seal Part Number' Column
  • Include 'To Wire Seal Part Number' Column
  • Include 'Notes' Column

Bom Table Settings

The following settings will be applicable in your Harness Bom Table output.

  • Include 'Id' Column (required)
  • Include 'Part Type' Column (required)
  • Include 'Manufacturer' Column (required)
  • Include 'Part Number' Column (required)
  • Include 'Quantity' Column (required)
  • Include 'Description' Column (required)

Creating Your Own Template

To create your own company template, one of the easiest ways is to clone an existing design.

  1. Navigate to the Open Screen (File -> Open or Ctrl+O)
  2. In the list of Design Types on the left, Hover over 'Table Template' and click 'Select Only'
  3. Open one of the existing templates based on the desired page size
  4. In the Toolbar at the top, click 'Clone to New Design'
  5. Make your desired changes to your new Table Template
    - Add/Delete Images
    - Add/Edit/Delete Text
    - Add/Edit/Delete Text Fields
    - Configure Wiring Table and Bom Table Settings
  6. Save your Table Template

Using Your Template in a Harness

Once you have created and saved your own template, you can now use this template in your Harness.

  1. Right click on the background of your table drawing and select 'Change Template...' OR
    In your Design Assembly, right click on the relevant Table Template (ex: Bill of Materials Template), and select 'Change Design...'
  2. Select your saved Table Template

Note - if you wish to share this template with the rest of your team, you will need to Version this Design.

Text Replacements

Table Templates have the ability to automatically populate Text when they are used in a Harness drawing.

In particular, any Text objects with the value '$PART_NUMBER$', '$MANUFACTURER$', or '$DESCRIPTION$' will be automatically replaced and populated with its corresponding property.

Further Questions?

We're happy to help with any questions you may have! You can always search our documentation, or Contact Us if you need further help.