Harness Bundles

Harness Bundles describe the physical path that one or more wires are routed along. Bundles can have a Length, one or more Coverings, and optional Layout Points.


Below is an example Top Level diagram with several Bundles. Below, you can see:

  • Bundles are shown in white, and have a Length as well as Coverings
  • Branch Points are the white circles
  • Layout Points are the gray squares

Branch Points

Branch Points are shown as a white circle and are added to divide one or more Bundles into separate parts. This can be used for several purposes, including:

  • Creating a new section with a different Length
  • Creating a new section with different Coverings
  • Joining and Splitting multiple Harness sections together
Branch Points can be added to your Harness by right clicking on a Bundle and selecting 'Add Branch Point'.

Merging Branch Points and Bundles

You can merge any Branch Point to another Branch Point or Bundle in your harness! When dragged-and-dropped, RapidHarness will automatically re-route all connections as necessary. Note that you will see a green outline to indicate that a merge action is about to be performed as shown below.

Editing Bundle Lengths

Each Harness Bundle can have 1 Length. To add/edit the Bundle Length, you can simply right click on the Bundle and select 'Edit Bundle Length'.

Layout Points

Layout Points are shown as a gray square and are used only for visual / aesthetic purposes when drawing your Harness Top Level. They do not affect Bundle Lengths, or Coverings.

Further Questions?

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