Bill of Materials (BOM)

RapidHarness helps automatically synchronize your drawings with an integrated Bill of Materials.

BOM Overview

RapidHarness automatically generates and updates your BOM as you add, remove, and edit your design.

Values as computed by the BOM are used throughout your designs, including in:

  • Top Level BOM table
  • Bill of Materials table (second tab)
  • Wiring Table
  • Cutlist Table
  • Labels Table

Editing the BOM

In certain scenarios, you may wish to override the values as automatically computed by the BOM.

To edit your BOM, you can simply click 'Edit BOM' in the toolbar, or right click on your BOM and select 'Edit Table'. In the dialog shown below, you can double click to override any of the cells as shown to customize and update your BOM. Note that all changes here will propagate throughout your design.


System Aggregate BOM

Within System designs, you can export an Aggregate BOM when you 'Export Production Data' to Excel. This information is shown as the first sheet in Excel 'Aggregate'.

In this document, the Aggregate BOM will groups and sums all parts for all constituent harnesses. This means that if you have a system with multiple different harnesses, this tab will represent a complete BOM to order/build for all of your harnesses within the system.


Further Questions?

We're happy to help with any questions you may have! You can always search our documentation, or Contact Us if you need further help.