Harness Software Tutorials

Designing Harnesses

User Interface Overview (0:29)

Adding Connectors & Design Assembly Overview (2:30)

Assigning Contacts (4:31)

Changing & Renaming Connectors (5:32)

Adding Backshells, Boots, Heat Shrinks, and Locks (6:32)

Adding Custom Parts (7:22)

Adding Connections and Highlighting (8:39)

Wiring Table Overview (12:24)

Editing Connections (14:25)

Using Splices, Ferrules, Quick Connect Terminals, Ring Terminals, and Spade Terminals (16:52)

Using Loose Wire Ends (21:12)

Assigning Wires, Cables, and Managing Twisting (22:34)

Adding Connection Notes (29:09)

Updating the Top Level Drawing (30:01)

Managing Bundles - Layout Points, Branch Points, and Lengths (31:59)

Adding Text, Images, and Updating Drawing Templates (36:34)

Using the Design Rule Checker (40:03)

Printing Your Designs (40:28)

Generating a Bill of Materials and Wire and Cable Cutlist (40:53)

Designing Templates

Overview of Templates (0:05)

Demo of Changing to your Company Logo (0:56)

Creating a Drawing Template From Scratch (3:47)

Configuring Page Size and Margins (4:12)

Adding Text, Image, Text Fields (5:21)

Creating a Wiring Table Template From Scratch (8:54)

Configuring Wiring Table Columns (9:57)

Configuring Reversed Connections (10:30)

Demo of Reversed Connections (11:28)

Working with Teams & Using Version Control

Manage Your Profile and Password (0:52)

Manage Your Company - Inviting and Deleting Users (1:29)

Benefits of Version Control (4:21)

Introduction to Version Control (5:11)

Demo of Editing and Versioning (7:06)

Viewing Version History (9:40)

Demo of Managing Versions and Using the Design Assembly (11:37)