Harness Coverings

Harness Coverings are used to describe any physical protection on top of your Harness Bundles, such as Corrugated Tubing, Sleeving, Spiral Wrap, Tape, and Tubing.


Below is a sample image showing Coverings as used in a Harness.

Adding Coverings to Your Harness

To add a covering to your Harness, select the Coverings tab, and select one or more bundles in your Harness Top Level. From here, you can simply click “Add Covering…” (shown in green). For additional bundles, you can simply select an existing configuration to save time (shown in orange).

Creating Your Own Covering

To help you get started, we’ve added several “generic” Coverings to the RapidHarness Library. As always, you can also create your own coverings to share with your team.

Further Questions?

We're happy to help with any questions you may have! You can always search our documentation, or Contact Us if you need further help.