To Scale Drawings

You can create 1:1 scale drawings (Formboards/Nailboards/Pegboards) in RapidHarness!

Step 1: Assign a Length to a Bundle

To add a Length to a Bundle, right click on a Bundle and select 'Edit Bundle Length'.

In this dialog, you can specify a length, such as 4", 1ft, 0.5m, or 200mm.

Step 2: Scale Your Bundle

Once a length is added, you can see all Bundles that are NOT drawn to-scale will show their lengths underlined.

Further, when you select the length, you will see two arrows that will allow you to scale your drawing by moving your harness in the specified direction. Note, this action will remove any Layout Points along your bundle.

Further Questions?

We're happy to help with any questions you may have! You can always search our documentation, or Contact Us if you need further help.