System Nets

Nets are used to show a complete path of electrical conductance through a system.


In a System, a Net shows all electrically connected endpoints spanning Devices, Harnesses, and Subsystems.

To create electrical connections across and between Harnesses, and other Subsystems, you will need to create Matings between various endpoints in your System.

Net Properties

Name Description
Subsystem (optional) If within a Subsystem, the path to the unique System associated with the endpoint
Device / Harness The name of the Device or Harness associated with the endpoint
Endpoint The name of the endpoint (Connector.Cavity, Ferrule, Loose Wire End, etc.)
Signal The name of the signal associated with the endpoint (only visible if originating from a Device)

Exporting Nets

Within Systems, you can optionally output system nets when you Export Production Data to Excel. In particular, this will show all electrical nets (as propagated through connector matings in systems) so you can access this information in a tabular form.


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