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RapidHarness is a full lifecycle CAD solution built for designing production-ready wire harness schematics. Whether you’re working on quick test articles or aerospace grade drawings, RapidHarness will revolutionize the way you work.

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Instant, Automatic Drawing

If you’re tired of using tools where you’re spending all of your time dragging & dropping lines and rectangles, then you’re going to love the software we’ve built. RapidHarness was designed from the beginning to automatically draw all of your schematics for you in real-time. By handling the drawing, RapidHarness makes your work significantly easier.

  • Focus on the core of your electrical design, not the artwork
  • Share consistent drawings across engineering and production teams
  • Save time designing, reviewing, and updating your wiring diagrams

Auto Generated Wiring Table

RapidHarness Wiring Tables can be taken straight to the manufacturing floor. It automatically generates a list of end-to-end connections, allows you to add any additional notes, and makes use of your own custom Wiring Table Templates.

  • Use one of the default templates, or design one with your company's logo
  • Specify only the fields you want
  • Let RapidHarness fill out the rest

Built-In Database of Parts

RapidHarness has a built-in part database which means you never need to start you designs from scratch. Find the part you need, specify just the attributes you want, or search by specification to start designing now.

  • Leverage database with millions of existing parts
  • Utilize generic parts to start designing now, and pick an exact part later in the design process
  • Create new parts, or clone and modify existing parts, to share and reuse with your team

Design at the System Level

System level design allows you to decompose complex systems into fully reusable designs. By breaking apart your wiring diagrams into smaller components, RapidHarness enables you to design your schematics from a new perspective.

  • Save, version, and re-use all designs independently
  • Reduce and encapsulate complexity using hierarchical subassemblies
  • Highlight signal propagation through networks of harnesses, systems, and subsystems
  • Build & debug your schematics to match your products' assembly throughout different configurations (eg: engineering, build-up, test, integration, final-assembly)

Create a system composed of devices and harnesses


Reuse and add multiple instances of this system within other systems


Integrated Version Control

RapidHarness comes with a fully integrated version control system built in. With the click of a button, you can create an immutable version of your design, or create a new version of an existing design.

  • Track all design changes with a fully integrated version history log
  • View Read-Only copies of all historical design versions
  • Update subdesigns as necessary when new versions are created

Built For Teams

RapidHarness is designed to work seamlessly for teams of all sizes. Part of this design is a fully integrated version control system (VCS) which connects your team and enables collaboration.

  • Create and modify designs in your own private sandbox, prior to sharing any changes with your team
  • View and review designs developed by anyone in your team
  • Use a team-members designs as subdesigns in your work, or edit them to continue where they left off
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And Much More...

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    Device ICD Importing

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    Custom Parts

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    Custom Page Templates

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    Multi-wire twist Management

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