Editing Harness Lengths

You can manually edit and override all the computed lengths for each connection inside your harness!


To edit your lengths, you simply press the Edit Lengths button in the top of the ribbon. All length modifications will be propagated to your Harness:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Wiring Table
  • Cutlist Table
  • Connection Tables

Edit Lengths Dialog

In this dialog, you can see the different ways to adjust the lengths within your harnesses.

  • You can now add a Default Loopback Length for all connections that connect From and To the same connector (such as connection C1.1 - C1.2).
  • You can give all of your other connections (excluding Loopbacks) an Extra Length that is added to their total computed length.
  • If you prefer to manually set a connection length to override its computed length, you can specify a new length in the Override Length column. In addition, you can select multiple connections at a time, and edit them together using the right click menu.

Further Questions?

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