System Signal Nets

Signal Nets are used to show a complete path of electrical conductance through a system.


In a System, a 'Signal Net' shows all electrically connected interfaces spanning Devices, Harnesses, and Subsystems. For each Signal Net, you will see a unique line item showing all of the relevant information to uniquely identify each electrical connection.

To create electrical connections across and between Harnesses, and other Subsystems, you will need to create Matings between your connectors in your System.

Signal Net Properties

Name Description
Signal The name of the signal as defined by the Device
System Path If used in a Sub-System, the path to the unique System where the signal originates
Device The device where the signal originates
Connector The connector on the device where the signal originates
Cavity The cavity (contact/pin number) on the device connector where the signal originates

Export Signal Nets

Within System designs, we have added the new output of the system Signal Nets included included when you Export Production Data to Excel. This new 'Signal Nets' tab in the System Production Data shows the output of the Signal Nets tab within your system. In particular, this will show all electrical nets (as propagated through connector matings in systems) so you can validate this information in a tabular form.


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